Babies are a blessing of God and not everyone is blessed. Those who are blessed love to celebrate it to the fullest. The parents, aunts, uncles and all the relatives are excited and eager to welcome a new member to the family. A baby shower is basically a party thrown to celebrate the welcoming of a new born. It is the time when family and friends shower the parents with gifts, love and good wishes. The loved ones try gifting them stuff that the parents and baby might need in future. In most cases baby showers are celebrated 4 to 6 weeks before the birth so that the gender of the baby is known and gifts are given accordingly.

And, so any event or celebration is incomplete without food. Good is an instant game changer and can easily elevate the mood to the guests and hosts too. In this era of inflation, every looks for budget friendly food that tastes good too. As a result, here are some baby shower food ideas on a budget.

Cheap food ideas for baby shower

Firstly, you have to decide whether you have to go for a buffet or a spread where everyone contributes. The cheap food ideas you are looking for can include:

1.  Mini strawberry bundt cake taste really good and set on budget.

2.  Fruit pizza is also a good idea with its dough made out of sugar cookies and topped with a variety of fresh fruits and cream cheese

3.  Loaded with plenty of meat and swiss cheese, topped with butter poppy seeds baked to golden brown comes Ham and cheese pinwheels

4.  Filling of fruity jam, with whipped cream and sweet sugar icing are these glazed doughnuts topped with sprinkles over the glazing

5.  If you want to add a decorative touch to your baby shower make a pink sherbet punch

6.  Fresh and light sweet treats strawberry mousse parfaits are also a good option

7.  Make salads choose either taco salad or fruit salad. These are budget friendly, feeds a crowd, and are a treat to the eyes too.

8.  The four ingredient quick and easy to make Cinnamon sugar pita chips are a delish.

9.  Get your own dough ready for pennies and whip up pizza rolls, they look nice on the display.

10.  The edible, crispy bite size wonton cups taste heavenly.

11.  Oven baked Mini cheeseburger sliders will feed an army in budget with ground beef, melted cheese, and buttery buns.

12.  You can cover your strawberries in fresh melted pink or blue chocolate and freeze them your colored chocolate strawberries are ready.

13.  Strawberries and whipped cream are sandwiched between two mini frozen waffles topped with blue berries your berries and cream waffle sandwiches are ready.

14.  Three ingredients easy peanut butter cookies are a cheap and tasty option.

15.  Quiche loaded with cheese, meat or toss in veggies.

16.  Chips and dip options like pita chips and hummus to buffalo chicken dip there are tons of other sauces that can served with chips as a good combination.

17.  Antipasto skewers that are loaded with salami, marinated olives, tortellini, sliced peppers, and basils. The ingredients when bought in bulk can cost very low.

18.  You can easily bake big batches of enchilada cups in a muffin pan the seasoning and toppings are full of flavors

19.  Cupcakes with cream frosting or fondant toppers of the words either boy, girl, or baby.

20.  BBQ meatballs with burst of flavors are in budget and easy to make.

21.  Pasta platter spaghetti, tortellini, rigatoni, macroni etc. The variety in pasta platters will fulfill everyone in a relatively lower cost.

Breakfast baby shower food ideas

1: Mini Croissants along with flavored butter and frozen southern style biscuits that are easy to bake.

2: Oven fried bacon, prep a night before the baby shower and refrigerate saves a lot of time.

3: Keeping flavored butter one sweet and the other savory to serve with different breakfast/ brunch items

4: Setting up a yogurt bar thus provides a good way for the nonveg guests to get protein intake. In addition, you can keep flavored yogurt to bring colors to the table.

5: Fresh fruits in a cup layering different fruits to make it decorative and topping it with cream.

6: Arranging a table for coffee and fresh juices on one side. Pour the juice into a pitcher, and add some flavored coffee with thick cream to another.

7: Omelets with a variety of veggies and cheese added into it is an ideal meal idea for breakfast.

8: Bagels lay out a variety, lox, cream cheese spreads, butter, and seasoning for a tasty fulfilling breakfast.

9: Skewers and salads, salads are always decorative and healthy options.

10: Tarts whether it’s the lemon, chocolate, vanilla, or not the ordinary tomato tart that is caramelized with onion, pepper, and cheese.

Afternoon baby shower food ideas

Instead of lunch or dinner why not go for a lighter and cheaper afternoon meal?

1: Parmesan chicken nuggets with three dipping sauces

2: Colin Fassnidge’s pork belly sausage rolls serving with a red capsicum jam

3: Fish cake with pea crush are a stress free and tasty food option

4: Mini beef pies

5: Stylish zucchini fritters served with prosciutto bocconcini salad

6: Bar be cue sausage rolls with caramelized onions. It does not matter what sort sausage you put in to it beef, pork, chorizo, chipolata etc

7: Cheesy macaroni, pancetta, and pecorino bake makes a great midweek meal

8: Crispy, golden cauliflower fritters with parmesan are a delicious serving

9: Tempura prawns with lemon myrtle salt will please your taste buds

10: Olives, pickles, and other pickled vegetables

11: Incredibly smooth, indulgent and addictive chocolate truffles contain only four ingredients

12: Nutty and cheesy parmesan crusted baby potatoes these come with minimum effort and maximum flavor

13: Rich, savory and spicy flavored jalapeno poppers you can serve them with barbecued chips and cheese fillings

14: Lastly, vodka jello shots with the right amount of buzz adding more color and excitement

15: There is no better party appetizer than potato skin loaded with cheese and bacon baked until fluffy and tender. Lastly, topped with sour cream and scallions



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