Chinese food got its fame with young multi-racials in the 1920s as it was considered exotic. It was after world war II that Asian food majorly Chinese arouse the interest of Americans. Chinese food is incredibly diverse, it has a globally appealing taste attracting the taste buds of people throughout the world. Chinese food is what people as it is fresh, quick, and easy. Wholemeal can be ready with just a few ingredients if you have a little creativity. This food has sour, sweet, salty, and bitter components which make it eatable for people of every taste.

Chinese food is said to be very healthy as it is very low on sugar, refined carbs and high fat this helps our body to recognize when it is full and not overstuff ourselves, here are:

Healthy Chinese food options

1. Moo Goo Gai Pan

Moo Goo Gai Pan Image Source: Flickr

Moo Goo Gai Pan is made of stir fried slices of chicken with white button mushrooms and different other stir-fry vegetables thus providing a balanced meal with a light side sauce. Vegetable in it are the main part of the meal and vegetable in turn helps us to improve the health of the gut, and manage blood pressure and heart conditions also.

2. Moo Shu Chicken

Moo Shu Chicken Image Source: Flickr

Moo Shu Chicken is served on a bed of rice is a colorful dish load with sweet, savory, and umami flavors. Moo Shu Chicken is either made with pork or chicken, vegetables, and eggs in a sweet and savory sauce. Sometimes it has cucumbers, bamboo shoots, or wood ear mushrooms. Served with Chinese sauce staples.

3. Beef and Broccoli

Beef and Broccoli Image Source: Flickr

Beef and Broccoli this is an easy meal to make at home also it is healthier than most take-out meals. The dish has juicy tender beef and crisp broccoli bound together in a rich brown sauce it is as tasty as it looks with all its colors. For an authentic Chinese take-out dinner pour it over hot rice.

4. Steamed Dumplings

Steamed Dumplings Image Source: Flickr

Steamed Dumplings are the yummiest morsel shrimp and pork in a bamboo steamer. Dumplings are a healthy option as they are made of vegetables and lean meat. These dumplings can also be a good choice for weight loss as they are filling and thus help to control cravings they also save calories. Dumplings can be filled with vegetables to make them even healthier.

5. Brown Rice with a scrambled egg

Brown Rice with a scrambled egg Image Source:

Brown Rice with a scrambled egg it requires eggs, brown rice, mixed vegetables, or meat with sesame oil, soy, and shichimi togarashi for garnish. This is also a healthier option as it is loaded with protein, multivitamins, minerals, and healthy fats so this can help an individual in overall growth.

6. Kung pao chicken

Kung pao chicken Image Source: Flickr

Kung pao chicken also called gong bao or kung po. it is a spicy, stir-fried Chinese dish with the ingredient cubes of chicken, vegetables, peanuts, and chilli peppers. Kung pao chicken is a healthy choice as it is high in protein, and micronutrients such as niacin and selenium. The peanut topping good source of heart-healthy mono saturated fats.

7. Buddha’s delight

Buddha’s delight Image Source: Flickr

Buddhas delight mostly transliterated as luohan zhai, lo han jai is a vegetable based dish where the vegetables are steamed in a pan. buddha’s delight is a great option for vegetarians. Made with tofu and steamed vegetables cabbage, bok choy, and broccoli in a light savory sauce. The vegetables are a source of fiber and the tofu is a source of protein. buddha’s delight is a perfect alternative to meat with all the necessary nutrients one might be missing out without meat.

8. Chicken lettuce wraps

Chicken lettuce wraps Image Source: Flickr

Chicken lettuce wraps are healthy and easy to make recipe with ground chicken and vegetables cooked in a savory sauce served in cool lettuce leaves. This dish is a low-carb solution. Chicken lettuce wraps offer a high protein filling and the lettuce leaves are a hydrating component. This also has healthy fats, healthy carbs, and lean proteins.

9. Egg drop soup

Egg drop soup Image Source: Flickr

Egg drop soup or egg flower soup is wispy beaten eggs in chicken broth. It contains vinegar, spices, tofu, and chopped scallions. Chinese egg drop soup is healthy as it is a very low-calorie pack with protein.

10. Tom Yum soup

Tom Yum soup Image Source: Flickr

Tom yum soup is considered the healthiest of all Chinese soups. It has lesser than 100 calories, with shrimp, veggies, and fragrant spices example lemongrass. This soup also has coconut milk such as tom kha.

11. Chop suey

Chop suey Image Source: Flickr

Chop suey is an American Chinese cuisine, consisting of meat and eggs cooked instantly with veggies such as cabbage, bean sprouts, and celery in a starch-thickened sauce. It has a lot of protein sources and vegetables. In addition to this, it also has magnesium regulating the heartbeat and functioning of muscles.


Q) what is so special about Chinese food?

Chinese food is served with a vast variety of fresh hand pick vegetables, grass fed meat, and seafood. All of these make it a very healthy option.

Q) Why do people love Chinese food soo much?

People love Chinese food because it can be made out of a few ingredients only if you have a little creativity only. Chinese cuisine is very diverse it has something for everyone. It is also quick, easy, and fresh.

Q) What are the etiquettes of Chinese dining and Chinese food?

In China people share dishes communally. When serving yourself food try serving yourself with the plate/dish that is in front of you rather than from the middle of the table. It is considered bad if you use your chopsticks to burrow through the food and dig. Also, let the older people eat first, pick up your bowl with your fingers turn wise supporting the bowl. Concentrate on your meal and your companions. Tea is served as a thank-you gesture as soon as you seat in the restaurant. A waiter serves you tea while you select from the menu what to order.

Q) How long can Chinese food be left out in open?

Chinese food should not be left out in open for more than two hours. The higher the temperature the greater the risk so such food should be refrigerated.


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