Fast food is a type of food produced in bulk for the purpose of commercial resale. This resale is done with fast service and mouth-watering food. The fast service takes place because the food is either pre-cooked or frozen. The fastest form of fast food is pre-cooked which makes the waiting que short. Anything created with the sole purpose of commercial resale is meant for profits only and it is not concerned with the health hazards it may cause. People ignore the negative effects of fast food for its taste and as its ready-made, it is less time consuming.

List of the Most unhealthy fast foods

To keep you informed here are some of the most unhealthy fast foods

1. Hardees monster thick burger

This hardees burger has 1420 calories this ranks amongst one of the highest caloric burgers. It includes 1/3 pound of Angus beef and other fatty items like mayo, cheese, and bacon. This is about ¾ of the calories a person should be consuming.

2. Personal meat lover’s pizza from pizza hut

This pizza from pizza hut is loaded with meat and a thick layer of cheese and so this is packed with a lot of calories and fats. Also, other pizza options that has topping of pepperoni, ham, and sausage tend to be highly processed.

3. KFC chicken pot pie

KFC is known is known for its crispy and tender chicken. KFC’s chicken pot pie is just as harmful as any other deep fried dish. This dish contains around 790 whopping calories and 41 grams of fat. A big chunk of these calories comes from the doughy crust surrounding the creamy filling.  KFC is also said to be using ingredients containing substances like maltodextrin and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

4. Taco Bell Cinnabon delights

This is one of the most demanded item on the menu list of taco bell. These Cinnabon delights have 4.5 grams of fats, 40 mg of sodium and a total of 80 calories as they are filled with cream cheese, deep fried, and sugar coated. The lard and shortening used are from animal sources as well.

5. Panera Bread’s mac and cheese

Panera bread’s mac and cheese can taste divine and might be your comfort meal but it is also an unhealthy option. The dish has 920 calories in a small size dish. Also, it has a higher sodium (salt) content than the totally daily recommended.

6. Chick-fil-A’s hash brown scramble burrito with sausage

Chick-fil-A hash brown scramble burrito are made with processed meat and deep fried potatoes making it a 720 calories count and 16g  of saturated fat.

7. Whataburger’s pancake platter with sausage

More than the recommended number of calories are present in this Whataburger’s pancake platter as this has 830 calories.

8. Hardees breakfast platter with sausage

Starting off your day with a high-calorie and fat diet is a bad idea. This Hardee’s breakfast dish has 26g of saturated fat more than a person should intake. Trans fat is the worst type of fat you can consume and is also present in the quantity of 2gm. A total of 1150 calories is present in the meal.

9. Burger Kings large hash browns

Burger Kings large hash browns Are deep fried in vegetable oil. This also has high fat content. It has 740 calories and 60-70 percent of potato starch, a type of carbohydrate.

10. Buffalo wild wings ‘buffalo chicken tots

These big tots from Buffalo wild wings have 2110 calories. Topped with shredded chicken, Fresno chile peppers, green onions, and a heavy spread of buffalo and ranch sauce.

11. McDonald’s big breakfast with hot cakes

McDonald’s big breakfast has Eggs, hash browns, sausage, pancakes with butter and syrup, and a biscuit. With 24 grams of fats, and a total of 1340 calories. It is enough of “bad food” for the day.

12. Chipotle’s chips and queso Blanco

Chipotle’s chips and queso Blanco It has 780 calories and 43 grams of fat.

Health hazards of eating unhealthy fast food

Fast food when it comes to nutritional values is really very poor. It generally contains high sugar, salt, saturated trans fat, preservatives and many processed foods.

  • Fast food is fulfilling thus causing you to lose appetite and not eat the nutritious food your body craves. The body breaks down fast food quickly in the mouth. Thus, activating the reward center in the brain. It then prefers these highly processed, highly stimulating foods and then quenching your thirst for food.
  • Increased inflammation: one fast food meal is high in saturated fat increasing airway inflammation with asthma. This inflammation causes the trigger asthma attacks
  • High blood pressure is caused by high levels of salt intake in the diet.
  • Increased blood sugar levels because of refined sugar and carbohydrates. This causes an insulin surge, resulting in a drop in blood sugar.
  • A diet high in salt increases a person’s blood pressure, consequently leading to heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. Also, this can shoot your cholesterol level.
  • This Western diet can cause weak immunity, lowering control of infection and auto-inflammatory disease.
  • When an individual eats more calories than his body can burn he/she gains weight resulting in obesity.
  • Instead of providing an energy boost, junk food can cause a lack of energy. Refined sugar is a type common in junk foods making a quick drop in your blood sugar levels. Consequently, causing you to feel tired and increase your cravings.
  • Fast food does not make you hungry for things that your body actually requires. As a result, we replace them with fruits and fibrous options. This can reduce the total amount of fiber intake in a day causing constipation.

Research shows that 56 percent of students eat fast food on a daily basis. Eating fast foods in school students leads to lower academic grades compared to those who ate no fast foods.

Alternatives to fast foods

  1. Keep fast food out of your reach don’t keep it at an accessible place. For example, don’t keep any junk food or snacks in your refrigerator.
  2. Schools should not allow fast food in lunch boxes. Instead, encourage healthy lunch only.
  3. Promote healthier substitutes. Instead of ordering fast foods go for healthy homemade snacks. For example, make well-presentable salads and add the perfect seasonings you like to it.


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