Plant-based food basically comes from plants with proper proportions of vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins, whole grains, and healthy oils. A plant based meal contains no animal derived ingredients such as egg, milk, or meat and has no to less processed ingredients. A plant based diet is always the healthiest option and an environment friendly treat. Plant based meals come with potential health benefits. The primary rule of plan based meals is that:

  •  Minimize the intake the of refined foods like processed oils, refined sugars, and white flour.
  • Decrease or completely avoid the intake of animal products.
  • Focus on whole plants that are vegetables and fruits minimizing the intake of processed food.

All around the world, more than 1 billion people are obese, commonly due to unhealthy lifestyles and eating plans. Similarly, going for a healthy diet that is low in fats and processed food will help you shed pounds of excessively dangerous fats. Packed with proteins plant based meals are a great option for weight loss. Let us help you by providing you with a list of plant based meal ideas for weight loss.

Plant based meal ideas for weight loss

1. Crispy teriyaki tofu and broccoli

A healthy low-calorie plant based diet meal with crispy teriyaki tofu and broccoli. Roast the tofu and broccoli whip up the sauce and enjoy eating. This is a healthy and filling meal with low calories with plant based protein from tofu.

2. Avocado chickpea salad collard wraps

Chickpeas aids to make bowel movement easier and lower cholesterol levels. So, the avocado chickpea salad collard wraps are an areal healthy option. The yummy salad made with celery and bell pepper also with creamy avocadoes are a complete guilt free meal.

3. Lentil vegetable soup

A good source of iron, nutrition and a well-balanced meal lentil vegetable soup is all you need. You can add whatever you want in the quantity you want it in.

4. Cauliflower rice risotto

Cauliflower rice risotto a healthy low carb meal. Cauliflower rich in fiber that slows down digestion and makes a person feels fuller is an ideal food for weight loss. Moreover, these are full of flavors and with the garlicky mushrooms added are exactly what you are looking for.

5. Lettuce wraps

With less fat and saturated fats lettuce wraps as compared to other fast foods are healthier. With the crunch and restaurant style flavors lettuce wraps are rich in fiber keeping you stay full for longer periods of time.

6. Quinoa stuffed peppers

With wide varieties of vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, and B12 quinoa stuffed peppers are filled with health. packed with protein you can stuff these with the filling of your choice it is highly customizable.

7. White bean and kale soup

White bean and kale soup with the proteins and fibers in it make it a healthy option. It takes hours to make the soup in order to get the authentic taste you want. White beans with their gentle effect on blood sugar levels that provide it with the weight loss benefits. As these have the ability to produce alpha amylase inhibitors.

8. Cabbage soup with rice

Easy to make and healthy cabbage soup with rice is good meal for weight loss. This is a low calories and total package of meal.

9. Carrot cakes protein bars

Tasting like dessert and still healthy carrot cakes protein bars are exactly what you are looking for. Sweetened with dates and no artificial sugars packed with raisins, walnut and protein powder.

10. Plant based oatmeal muffins

Packed with nutrients, and antioxidants, and helps in controlling blood sugar levels plant based oatmeal muffins are ideal for weight loss. These muffins can be made at one place and eaten over and over thus saving your time. Made with oats and nuts pant based oat meals muffins are healthy.

11. Portobello mushroom burgers

Baked Portobello mushroom burgers addition of these to any diet acts a nutrient power house.  These are low in calories and zero fat meal for a perfect texture bake these add the sauces and flavors of your choice.

12. Apple cucumber smoothie

A tasty and hydrating apple cucumber smoothie is a healthy fulfilling option. Filled with vitamins, fibers, and a fighter of heart disease. In order to boost the flavor add chia seeds. The combination of both vegetable and fruit help detoxify your body and helps to lose a great amount of weight.

13. Peach and cream dessert popsicles

Peach and cream dessert popsicles are a great source of vitamins and minerals and potassium. Made with cream and fruits popsicles are a great summer treat.

14. Sneaky chickpea burger

A simple vegan sneaky chickpea burger with carrots, bell pepper, and tomato paste the flavors are elevated and it does not make you feel like you are on a diet.

15. Vegan red bean chili

Surprisingly pleasing to taste hearty vegan red bean chili are also a yummy pant based meal idea for weight loss. This reduces the fat and sugar craving also providing you with vitamins, fibers, and iron. Red beans are an ideal piece of food when it comes to weight management.

16. Penne with tomato-mushroom sauce

20-minute penne with tomato-mushroom sauce is an easy vegan recipe full of flavors. Made with tomatoes, plant milk that adds creaminess, and no sugar is required.


Why are plant-based meals good for weight?

Plant-based meals are linked to low calories, cutting all the saturated fats, additives, preservatives, and sugars they are good for weight loss. A study report shows that with a plant-based diet in 16 weeks you can lose up to 6 kilograms.

What are the benefits of plant-based diet?

  1. A plant-based diet aids in weight loss.
  2. Decreases chances of certain body cancers like colon cancer.
  3. Lower the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol, and diabetes by managing A1C levels,
  4. Eating plant-based meals makes you lose fat mainly the stubborn belly fat.

Do people who eat plant-based meals burn fat faster?

In a recent study people who chose low fat plant based meals for around 16 weeks loss a significant number of pounds, body composition, and insulin sensitivity.

Where do people who eat plant-based meals get proteins from?

They get essential proteins from nuts, legumes, grains, peanut butter, and seeds. A full protein diet consists of all the amino acids your body requires to maintain the metabolism.


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