The popular Tierra Mia Horchata Latte is like a party in your cup. This delightful mix of Latin American and coffeehouse vibes brings together the comforting richness of sweetened condensed milk, the subtle nuttiness of rice milk, and a dash of aromatic cinnamon. It is more than a drink; it is a cozy moment filled with delicious flavors.

This horchata latte is a coffee game-changer—it is like a breath of fresh air for your morning routine.

It is a sweet symphony, where the creamy notes of condensed milk dance perfectly with the gentle rice milk, while the cinnamon adds a touch of warmth.

This Horchata Latte goes beyond the ordinary, offering a creamy, slightly spicy, and undeniably sweet experience. If you are feeling adventurous, toss in some ice cubes to transform it into a chilled delight. In just about 10 minutes, you can create your homemade Tierra Mia Horchata Latte.

The story behind the recipe

The Tierra Mia Horchata Latte recipe is inspired by the traditional horchata drink, which has its roots in Latin American and Spanish cultures. Horchata has been enjoyed for centuries, with origins traced back to Valencia, Spain, and later embraced in various Latin American countries.

The classic horchata is usually made from rice, water, cinnamon, and sweeteners like sugar or condensed milk. It is a beloved refreshment known for its creamy texture and sweet, cinnamon-spiced flavor, cherished across generations.

Now, the Tierra Mia Horchata Latte brings a modern twist to this traditional favorite. Tierra Mia, a California-based coffeehouse chain celebrated for its Latin-inspired drinks, has played a key role in making this fusion beverage popular.

By infusing the essence of horchata into a latte, they’ve created a delightful connection between the comforting warmth of coffee and the nostalgic flavors of horchata. It is a blend of tradition and modern coffee culture that brings a unique and tasty experience.

How to make Tierra Mia Horchata Latte


  • 1 cup brewed strong coffee or 2 shots of espresso
  • 1/2 cup rice milk
  • 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Ice cubes (optional)

Step-by-step instructions for making Tierra Mia Horchata Latte

  1. Brew a strong cup of coffee or make 2 shots of espresso.
  2. In another container, mix sweetened condensed milk, rice milk, and ground cinnamon. Stir well.
  3. For a cold latte, add ice cubes to your coffee or espresso.
  4. Pour the sweetened condensed milk mixture over the coffee or espresso.
  5. Stir the latte thoroughly to blend the flavors.
  6. Add a pinch of ground cinnamon on top for an extra burst of flavor.
  7. Savor your homemade Tierra Mia Horchata Latte!

Tip for making Tierra Mia Horchata Latte

  • If you follow certain dietary preferences, you can experiment with different kinds of milk like almond or oat milk to change the flavour.
  • The sweetness of condensed milk varies between brands. Before pouring it into the coffee, taste the horchata mix and adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Flavourful substitute

  • Rice milk: You can use almond milk, oat milk, or any other non-dairy milk you like. If it’s sweetened, you may need to adjust the sweetness according to your taste.
  • Sweetened condensed milk: you can use coconut condensed milk or homemade whole milk and sugar instead of sweetened condensed milk.

Serving suggestions

  • Sweet Treat Pairing: Accompany your Tierra Mia Horchata Latte with a sweet treat like a cinnamon roll, pastry, or a piece of chocolate for a delightful flavor combination.
  • Cookie Companion: Enjoy your latte with your favorite cookies. The sweet and spiced notes of the Horchata Latte complement various cookies, making it a cozy snack.
  • Churros: Enjoy your horchata latte with churros for a delicious combo. The crispy outside and soft inside of the churros perfectly match the creamy sweetness of the latte.


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